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Epson Universal Power Extended Catalog Parts

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Image Part Number Description Price
030192A Power Cable (3 Foot, with Hosiden Connector, 20V) $17.73 Add to Cart
208178604 AC Adapter C (for the U220, U325 and CaptureOne Series) $25.12 Add to Cart
C32C814611 Power Supply Box Kit (Cool White) for the U220 $10.34 Add to Cart
C32C814612 Power Supply Box Kit (Dark Gray) for the U220 $10.34 Add to Cart
C825343 Universal Power Supply (110-220 Volt AC with AC Cord) $35.00 Add to Cart
CEPS-008 Power Cord (6 Feet, Right Angle UL) $7.38 Add to Cart
EPSN-12PUSBG Powered USB Cable (12 Feet, with BERG Connector, Dark Gray) $41.37 Add to Cart
EPSN-6PUSBG Powered USB Cable (6 Feet, Dark Gray) $35.45 Add to Cart
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