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Receipt printers are a vital component of any POS system. They not only create documented proof of sale for your customer, but they can also connect to your cash drawer and open it when a transaction is complete. POSGuys.com carries a wide variety of printers, from key brands including Epson, Star Micronics, POS-X, and more. Printers are built with specific uses in mind, focusing on different print technologies or form factors to ensure you have the best experience at your business. We have separated receipt printers into five groups, making it easier to identify their distinct features.

Thermal Receipt Printer

Thermal printers are the de facto standard for receipt printing. They print receipts by using heat to activate an emulsion in special receipt paper, eliminating the need for additional consumable media. Fast, powerful, and near silent, thermal printers are fantastic for use in all types of retail operations, restaurants, and even bars. Epson's TM-T88V receipt printer continues the TM-T88 line, one that has been the standard for other brands to imitate. The Seiko Qaliber RP-E offers some of the fastest printing on the market, with a customizable color LED for added ambience.

Economy Thermal Receipt Printer

These printers cut back on some of the features of the higher end thermal printers in order to be a more affordable solution. While they tend to print a little slower, economy thermal receipt printers are still a great choice for most retail or restaurant operations. The Epson TM-T20II is a smart choice, with near 8 inche per second printing at a great price. For under-counter printing or messier environments, the front-feeding POS-X ION Thermal's price and reliability can't be beat.

Impact Receipt Printer

Impact printers use a dot-matrix hammer and ink ribbon to transfer ink to receipts. These receipts are less susceptible to fading from heat & humidity, making them a great option for dry cleaners, kitchens, or places that may experience large temperature swings. Unfortunately, impact printers are pretty loud and not very fast, so their use is a bit limited, especially with economy thermal printers matching them in price. The Epson TM-U220 and POS-X EVO Impact are premier impact printers, offering reliable printing unique designs to maximize longevity.

Multifunction Slip/Receipt Printer

For banks, grocers, or any large retailer that supports a variety of payment options, a multifunction printer is a space-saving option. These printers combine fast thermal printing for receipts with impact printing for check endorsement, slip printing, or validation. Some models also support check reading, further saving counter space. The Epson TM-H6000IV is a great multifunction printing option.

InkJet Receipt Printer

Similar to personal inkjet printers, these receipt printers use a nozzle to fire high-pressure ink onto paper. And, similar to inkjet printers, replacement cartridges can be spendy. If you have a specific need for two color inkjet printing, these are a good option. However, printouts tend to be slow and loud, so we recommend against choosing an inkjet printer unless you absolutely need it.

If you have any questions about which receipt printer is right for you, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-903-6571.

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